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3 sizes of a same color

DRY SAC GREY… 3 sizes of a same color.

Available in five different colors and three sizes, for organizing and protecting your items. A pack-friendly storage for your gear and essentials.

Drawcord coming from paragliders suspension lines and cordlock closure. The double coated nylon ensures protection to the water.

All sizes are equipped with high quality micro carabiners combined by color.

Three shades of an item

Sac roulé 1Sac roulé 2Sac roulé 3
SAC ROULÉin 3 different colors!

  • Flat dimensions 18cm high, 12cm width.
  • Weight capacity of 1,5l.

The double coated nylon ensures protection to the water. It has a roll down closure.
It is perfect for the wet swimwear or for everything from cell phones to binoculars and camera lenses. Particularly useful as inner liner for another pack or pocket.

Collecting colors

Production it is the important step to be solved while the real commerce start. Some areas can be in a way industrialized, another ones are giving the best results if they remain handcrafted. As you already know our production it takes part in Spain.

Cutting by hand, classifying by colour… and carefully matching the pieces will build each bag.

Lots of red coming!