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Blauvent in 2021

We are glad to keep on growing and evolving. Through these images + text we present Blauvent nowadays.

It is a great pleasure to launch this new website. Thank you Ivan Candela for your excellence, for your thorough, deep and precise work.

Collecting colors

Production it is the important step to be solved while the real commerce start. Some areas can be in a way industrialized, another ones are giving the best results if they remain handcrafted. As you already know our production it takes part in Spain.

Cutting by hand, classifying by colour… and carefully matching the pieces will build each bag.

Lots of red coming!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday…

Blauvent blog has been so quiet lately. I suppose it’s safe to say I was lazy to publish anything or maybe I just didn’t find the right words.
So here a tiny update to all of you.

Mainly I’ve been working quite extensively on production, on few website changes not visible yet, and on deep structural reflexions, unsolved yet…
Besides that I am developing some ideas for my personal website and enjoying a full emotional and inspirational autumn.

So now coming back to reality… I definitly need a commercial agent that knows the field. If you are the right person, I will take care of you 😉

Recycling process- Day 3

We have the Skytex ready to cut, the ropes classified, and we already collect mostly everything of what we need to continue.

All the new recycled line will be combined with a new colour and a new quality of canvas textile.
We launched a new colour version of our logo stamp, this one in black, we have several new interesting plastic trimmings (this has been a very difficult process in Spain, as most technical trimmings are made in Asia), we have also a new cute-sturdy strap, and the new print design for the linnings!!!