Blauvent is not only providing design products for the consumer market but also materialising B2B projects within the sector of private label collections, design and branding solutions. We help companies and organisations distribute sustainable merchandise and carefully designed apparel products within their retail and member structures. We share our experience and network of European based suppliers for commissioned sustainable and tailor-made collections using the latest tools in 3D technology. This let us operate more quickly and helps our clients to reach out to their customers even before production. 


Frequently asked questions:

Can I get help in producing T-shirts with my own print idea?

We can help you with getting your own T-shirt, shirt or hoodie production. From design service to final delivery. Please get in touch with our design studio for order minimums and other important details and possibilities: studio{at}carmesine{dot}com

Can i use your production facilities for my brand idea? 

As we want to promote the local small scale and family owned texitle industry in Austria and the area around Valencia and Barcelona we are open for collaborations. If you are not clear in your approach but have a concrete idea of own label we can help you with state of the art 3D fashion design for pre visualizations of your future collection in photorealistic renders. This will safe you a lot of time and money in developing a strong and detailed brand idea omitting a big part of sampling. This is towards "zero waste" concept! 

Can I see the design before production?

Of course, we will present you a photorealistic 3D render with your design and print details. Which you, by the way, can already use for marketing purposes.

Can I sell BLAUVENT products in my shop?

Please contact BLAUVENT by providing some basic information about your shop (location, type of shop, brands, pictures, etc.) by using the contact form. We will then get in touch with you asap.

I am permitted to use any content of BLAUVENT?

Your are permitted to use the content only as expressly authorized by BLAUVENT, mail us with your question. Any reproduction or redistribution of the content is prohibited and may result in civil and criminal penalties. BLAUVENT BY CARMESINE, BLAUVENT logo and other BLAUVENT related marks and designs depicted in this site, whether register or unregister are trademarks or service marks of BLAUVENT, in Europe and other countries. BLAUVENT product and logo are registered trademarks of Blauvent by carmesine.

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