About us

Since more than 10 years Blauvent is standing for innovative bags and accessories made out of paragliding fabric including upcycled editions.

“We value quality, perfection and commitment. We are a fresh and versatile design label,
a happy European company promoting creativity and local productions across borders.
One attribute of our international company is to offer an ethical service, a sustainable product and a licid process to the market. Both, the company and the products are environmentally aware and respectful to people. We follow the concept of artistically unique limited editions to keep on reinventing ourselves for the sake of diversity.“  by Carmen & Joakim, CEO and Founders

The expertise of production is based in Spain and we are constantly enlarging the portfolio of new limited editions to offer a wider range of sustainable and fairly produced products.

Additionaly we are designing and creating purely digital assets and products in the 3D world. Currently, we're working on offering Blauvent's core products as digital collectibles and wearables.

We create carefully designed
and sustainable ltd products,
artistically unique and timeless.

Mission and vision

We want to offer sustainable products to the market, not just in terms of pure ecology but also in terms of promoting the durability, through quality and atemporal design. Products that make the life of the others cheerful, products which have been manufactured promoting both workers and consumers well being. And which derive from respect to people and their work.

Digital Fashion Studio & 3D Textile Lab

The Digital Fashion Studio & 3D Textile Lab Carmesine is an international consultancy studio specialised in apparel and textile design. We provide a range of services that can be custom tailored for all levels of design and branding needs.

Our fields of work are:

  • Apparel design and accessories: renders, technical packs and production support. Our activewear expertise range is fitness, seamless, underwear, t-shirts, hoodies, team wear, outdoor shirts, hiking pants, skiwear, swimwear, bags and packs and belts.
  • 3D apparel design: Renders in photographic quality. Pre-production visualisation of whole collections. Realistic color combos and fabric combos.
  • Consulting: Market analysis. Trend consulting. Mood-board creation. Product line strategy and development. Color and fabric concepts. Corporate identity concepts.
  • Textile and graphics: Branding guidelines. Logo design and naming. Placed and allover prints. Textile design. Labeling concepts.

A bit of history

2009 BLAUVENT is born

BLAUVENT means 'blue wind”. Born as a small company, Carmen launched it in October 2009. The core of the company has been paragliding, ecology, sustainable processes and design.

Fashion meets applied sports tech. The collection of ripstop textile bags by BLAUVENT are for high aims in fashionability paired with sportivity.

Ultra light and eye-catching.

All BLAUVENT products are individually handmade and produced in the region of Alicante, with a strong commitment to promote the local.

BLAUVENT distributes online, through blauvent.com, the product could be found in multi-brand stores in Switzerland and Berlin, as well as in the shop at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

2012 The Upcycling line

Backpacks and wallets made from recycled wings. Each product is unique, one of the a kind, as each pattern adapts to the nicest section of the paraglider. BLAUVENT offers a line of bags and accessories for people willing for creative product with a well defined concept: versatile enough to fit into the urban style, sports, leisure and outdoor activities. The experience of freedom associated with paragliding.

2014 Tyrol, Austria

Carmen moves to Austria to find new business opportunities. She becomes member of IDEAS Design Network and starts freelancing for the Sportswear sector.
Joakim and Carmen met in August 2015, after knowing each other they took the adventure of building together a dream, a company that would sum their interests in sustainable processes and humanity.

2019 Design + Trading

After analysis of the potential clients in Austria and DACH-region the development of a sourcing network in Spain is accomplished. Creation of the first commission book offering designed and customisable products.

2024 Carmesine S.L.

Blauvent is now operated by Carmesine S.L. and continues to innovate from it´s original base, being close to the family owned production sites in the Valencia Province. 

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