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The work of Ruben Brulat

Au temps disparu
9_ Cimes aux pas subtiles

Au temps disparu from the Serie Paths by Ruben Brulat.

”Strangers that would be encountered along the way and willing to give themselves away to nature, resulting in a peregrination from more than a year, from Europe to Asia by land only, through Iraq, Iran, onto Afghanistan, Tibet until Indonesia, Japan and Mongolia.
Ruben searched for more far away lands, the unknown, in Paths, walking, riding, until there would a place, a person, if all circumstances only would come together, then there would be a picture, if one thing would come to be missing, the way would just continue, until finally all came together.
Performing sometimes in welcoming sand, sometimes in the harsh snow, the just encountered fellows would let themselves go, opening their senses. Embracing everything that surrounds them. Ephemera intensity before saying, often, goodbye to each other forever.
Placing the bodies of people there in part with these accidental and dramatic landscapes, like the trees, the rocks or the black sands of Gunung Bromo.
A narrative constructed only by the randomness of the encounter, places and body, meeting with utopia and hope in these only suspended moments. Bodies of people that became friends, performing, not without difficulties, leaving wounds, marks, and souvenirs from a time before heading towards different paths, after sharing one for a while.”

Alto, a domestic touch-controlled sewing machine

This video is about a domestic sewing machine design, eliminates the pedal and becomes touch-controlled, not sure about the effectivity of it, and aesthetically it is another vintage inspired product. However, it caught my attention that nowadays, at this times in which sewing is a rare thing, they came up with these things :-)

Recycling Around The World

”November 15 is America Recycles Day, an annual event launched in 1997 by the National Recycling Coalition. The need to reuse and recycle raw materials has never been as urgent as it is today. The human race has reached a worldwide population of 7 billion, and America is responsible for consuming a disproportionate share of the planet’s resources. In many parts of the world, recycling is done by necessity. In others, artists, governments, and businesses have found creative and useful ways to reuse materials — a plastic bottle may find itself reborn as artwork, a warm blanket, or fuel oil. Collected here are photographs of various recycling efforts around the world, ranging from small and whimsical to industrial in scale.”

33 photos from The Athlantic, In Focus.

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The Sartorialtwist

Images from The Sartorialtwist!! …a cool website using the images from The Sartorialist with great love and respect. For those who doesn’t know The Sartorialist, it is a famous ”cool hunters” website, very boring.
The Sartorialtwist nourish my own deconstructive thoughts, love it!
Thank’s Ivan for sharing :)