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Blauvent in 2021

We are glad to keep on growing and evolving. Through these images + text we present Blauvent nowadays.

It is a great pleasure to launch this new website. Thank you Ivan Candela for your excellence, for your thorough, deep and precise work.

The work of Ruben Brulat

Au temps disparu
9_ Cimes aux pas subtiles

Au temps disparu from the Serie Paths by Ruben Brulat.

”Strangers that would be encountered along the way and willing to give themselves away to nature, resulting in a peregrination from more than a year, from Europe to Asia by land only, through Iraq, Iran, onto Afghanistan, Tibet until Indonesia, Japan and Mongolia.

Ruben searched for more far away lands, the unknown, in Paths, walking, riding, until there would a place, a person, if all circumstances only would come together, then there would be a picture, if one thing would come to be missing, the way would just continue, until finally all came together.
Performing sometimes in welcoming sand, sometimes in the harsh snow, the just encountered fellows would let themselves go, opening their senses. Embracing everything that surrounds them. Ephemera intensity before saying, often, goodbye to each other forever.

Placing the bodies of people there in part with these accidental and dramatic landscapes, like the trees, the rocks or the black sands of Gunung Bromo.

A narrative constructed only by the randomness of the encounter, places and body, meeting with utopia and hope in these only suspended moments. Bodies of people that became friends, performing, not without difficulties, leaving wounds, marks, and souvenirs from a time before heading towards different paths, after sharing one for a while.”

Christina Kerns

Christina Kerns’s dreamlike vignettes are created with appropriated imagery and small props. Using a Technicolor palette that makes the scenarios seem more imaginary than real, the images are initially set up as dioramas. Kerns’s jagged edges and deliberately messy composition mimic the rough way in which our memories are muddled together.

The images are culled from ideas and pictures we are bombarded with by mass media. Kerns’s mash-ups reflect the way films, games, magazines, and advertisements influence our thoughts and dreams and mesh together to form a skewed reminiscence of one’s past and of reality.”

It is great to discover people doing these cool imagery. I love her art. Check her website here!
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