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Jordi Raül Verdú Pons, the writer of our mountains

Feeling lucky and grateful while I realized about the great masters I had during all my life. Raül was my main teacher at the primary school. I had the chance to meet him again after 27 years. During these years Raül continued teaching childs, but he moved and worked in Madrid, Andorra, Los Angeles (USA) and Alexandria (USA).

He write books, his extense bibliography are stories directly linked with nature, based at the mountains of Alicante. A target focused on children, from 6 to 12 years old. His writings in Catalan. The stories take place at that edge where the pureness of nature. Raül is a storytelling also, and while the hike he locate his creations insitu, fictions directly connected with nature. Love it, so valuable work.

Raül himself explains his literary.

I’ve just read “L’amic dels voltors”, about the vultures and their habits, about the wild and about the humans.
L'amic dels voltors

Linked to nature

We should not cling to the housing concept of 4 solid walls!

The Crystal Bubble (Crystal Tree) concept living from Pierre Stephane Dumas is one of those genius ideas that puts things in perspective.  It’s a pretty simple concept and it could be a wonderful form of transparent living.