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Water To Wine Store


You can find us in WaterToWine Store, a shop in Berlin Mitte run by a group of berliner creatives. The label is producing and distributing just upcycling products. Half of the gain is going to the organization Komm-Und-Sieh in order to support the homeless. Check here more info about the mission.

If you are in Berlin or you plan to go, do not miss this cool spot.
Water To Wine in Facebook | Water To Wine in Tumblr.

Water To Wine Store / Auguststraße 82 / 10117 Berlin / Germany

Blauvent at Carryology

Five minutes with Carryology! I’ve been answering some questions for this cool site about better ways to carry.


1 – What key insights drive your stuff?
Agility, freshness and imagination, a sense of beauty and a love for nature.
Our project is respectful with people and the environment. We recycle paragliders and we make our bags out of them. Each bag is unique as each pattern is adapted to the nicest section of the paraglider. They are all individually handmade and produced in the region of Alicante, Spain.
So far our main clients are people into paragliding. However, Blauvent’s collection adapts itself perfectly into a fashion environment, since it is carefully designed, has a strong concept and implies a lot of research. At the same time it is versatile enough to fit into an urban, cosmopolitan style, as well as in sport, leisure and outdoor activities.

2 – Who else is doing rad things in the world of carry and why do you think they’re important?
I quite like what And Wander does, essentially they work with creativity. As an international well-established brand, and with regard to the quality of the products, I love Yoshida Porter. I keep an eye on brands such as GoLite, Granite Gear, Arc’teryx…and other outdoor ones. I enjoy seeing how they keep on developing special details and apply technical solutions into their products to make the user’s experience more satisfying.

3 – Are there any things other brands do that you think are great or could be improved?
There are loads of great brands and products, but still the percentage of interesting things is very tiny. The market is full of plain products, opportunistic brands, fashion tendencies and lack of poetry.

4 – What’s next for you guys?
Take the marketing seriously and arrive to people. Make a big effort into the marketing side so that Blauvent can get a wider audience.

5 – What do you carry daily and how?
I normally carry a ”Saco Backpack” which is very useful as a 24h bag. A ”Draped Bag” to go to the gym. A ”Companion Backpack” when I go hiking and a ”Bunny Tote” to go to the beach.
All my bags are filled with utility pockets…”Dry Sac S” for the smartphone and headphones, a ”Mini Wallet” for the money and stuff, a ”Dry Sac M” for an extra sweater inside, a ”Dry Sac L” for the camera and lenses. An ”Inner Pocket” for my cosmetics, a ”Sac Roulé” for the toothpaste and brush. And a ”Pen Pouch” for my nibs and pencil. I carry quite a lot of weight and all sorts of stuff with me most of the time.
Beside my desk at the studio there is always a ”Docs Wallet” to keep safe my notebook, cards, and important documents.

Check the Five Minutes with Blauvent here.

Tote bag; the Bunny

Tote bagTote bagTote bagTote bag

Tote bagTote bag

A seriously big shopping bag or a chic slouchy tote. Perfect for travel and versatile enough to fit into the urban style, sports, leisure and outdoor activities. Carry in your hand or over the shoulder. Friendly and funny design that surprises with its connotations. It’s a bag for those seeking a special product, high quality of materials as well as beauty and originality. Made with double cloth, the inner color is different from the outside. Inside it has a strap with a carabiner fastening to attach the small zipper bag of 20cm x 15cm, also made ​​paraglider fabric. It can be fold into the 20cm by 15cm zipped inner pouch.

  • Flat Dimensions 48cm wide, 66cm high, 17cm deep.
  • Total weight 90g.
  • Weight capacity of 30l.

Developing new Utility Pockets


Working on volumes and transparencies. This is just a second sample of a new possible ”Utility Pocket”. An extra large bag of 65 cm length, 38 cm width, 18 cm deep… huge one. These monochromes will be lined in contrast and they’ll have an inner pocket with zip.