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Photo session of a Draped Bag

Shopping Bag

I am a photographer these days. After picking up some new items from the stitching unit many photos must be done…

By the way, some articles has been replaced, finally! You will find them on the store and under these terms; ”This item might have a slightly different color scheme, if in any doubt please consult us. ”

Have a good evening you all!

Collecting colors

Production it is the important step to be solved while the real commerce start. Some areas can be in a way industrialized, another ones are giving the best results if they remain handcrafted. As you already know our production it takes part in Spain.

Cutting by hand, classifying by colour… and carefully matching the pieces will build each bag.

Lots of red coming!


Hot days in Spain, enjoying many flyable days, finishing several things before September. Today we’ve just introduced these new wallet versions. Inside the recycled section; Wallet nº30 and Wallet nº2.

Some new recycled dry sacs and some other things will be coming very soon.

Wish you all are having a good summer time! 😉