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Hot days in Spain, enjoying many flyable days, finishing several things before September. Today we’ve just introduced these new wallet versions. Inside the recycled section; Wallet nº30 and Wallet nº2.

Some new recycled dry sacs and some other things will be coming very soon.

Wish you all are having a good summer time! 😉

Docs Wallet

Docs Wallet
Docs Wallet
Docs Wallet
Docs Wallet

Blauvent Docs Wallet, whether on the trail, for sports or trips, or around town, this travel light wallet is a functional way to carry personal identification, tickets, important papers, a notebook, the cards, a pencil or even cash.

Meant for your essentials-and a little more.

Interior features 2 card slots, one slot for the pen, and 5 compartments for organizing passports, papers and travel documents, one of the compartments is hidden and firmly closed with velcro.

Features a removable inner zipper pocket, made of Skytex with the dimensions of 13cm x 16cm. It includes a velcro strap stitched on the bottom side to be attached to the base of the wallet.

Made of the latest ultralight yet durable fabrics.

The four colour options are made with canvas and weatherproof Skytex (original paraglider fabric) in black colour; Skytex of 40gr/m2, water repellent and windproof. The interiors are lined in high style printed cottons, from limited edition fabrics, all them designed and produced by Blauvent.

Remarkable care for details, technical features and reinforced areas. Hand built entirely in Spain!

  • Flat dimensions when it is open: 26cm wide, 45cm high.
  • Dimensions when it is closed: 26cm wide, 17cm high.