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Gomma – The Photographers Hub

Gomma Online is about Photography.

Gomma Magazine and Gomma Online have been actively promoting photographers since 2004.

NOt for profit/ INdependent/ UNcompromising, Gomma has throughout the years highlighted the masters and given a space to emerging talents. Creating an invaluable space for photography.

The Online platform Gommamag.com continue to be a valuable resource for photographers and visual artists.

Its use and registration is free, although some new pay-per-entry structure has been installed so to avoid duplicate and flooding of the same info.

Gomma Online is a portal for photographers, visual artists and designers. It has a comprehensive and searchable directory of links related to photography, visual arts and design. It publishes daily updated photographic news written by Gomma team and also a Public Live Broadcasting feed section, where you can advertise your site, work or event.

Gomma Display is a new section that has replaced the previous Gomma Monitors, here you can upload your site directly to Gomma Database together with a jpg.

Make your photo-news public on Gomma!!!

Photo session of a Draped Bag

Shopping Bag

I am a photographer these days. After picking up some new items from the stitching unit many photos must be done…

By the way, some articles has been replaced, finally! You will find them on the store and under these terms; ”This item might have a slightly different color scheme, if in any doubt please consult us. ”

Have a good evening you all!


Recently I have been looking so much into the tumblr platform.
There are 4 blogs I had fallen in love totally… and I’d like to share them with you. Time to talk about inspiration!

Marvin Ogger
The personal blog of Marvin, my favorite paraglider athlete.

Hygge and Sisu
A charming compilation of things, smart, poethic, solid, I love to get lost onto his blog.

Kimhwan’s Diary
He is one of my references… Hwan Kim, artist based in Korea.

A compendium of observations and meditations, evokes to me another world and time, to dream.

Maysun Photographer

This week I discovered Maysun and I have fallen in love with her work.
She is an Spanish-Palestinian photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand.

”I’m compromise with my job because I consider that it’s a way to be engaged and consistent with my convictions and my ethics. Photography is a way to be engaged with our world.”
Maysun Photographer, read more about her.