Now the Draped Bag… from recycled wings!!

Finally there are four different Draped bags recycled on the webshop!!
They are part of the recycling process of Ozone paragliders into bags. As you can see each Draped bag is one of a kind!

Durable carry-all for the most environmentally conscious consumers. Changing our own shopping habits is one small thing we can do to make a difference. Holds the content of 3 plastic grocery bags. Colorfull and capacious it provides imaginative yet functional solutions for people on the move, designed to resist the wear and tear of stubborn days.

DRAPED BAG RECYCLED it is made of the upper or under surface of the wings. Water repellent and windproof. Lined in black canvas for extra strength. Two soft and ergonomic tubular handles to carry in your hand or over your shoulder. Has inside a 20cm x 14cm x 4cm utility pouch, it can be clipped onto the inner strap provided in your bag with the key hook carabiner.  The little zipper pouch is made in printed cotton, from the limited edition ‘’INUB’’ fabric.

The ultimate in portablility no matter what kind delivers of space you’re moving throught. Born of utility and purpose our stylish DRAPED BAG brings a unique aesthetic statement for the contemporary feminity. Remarkable care for details and hand built entirely in Spain!

Flat dimensions 48cm wide, 38cm high, 42cm deep.
Total weight 300gr.
Weight capacity of 25l.