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CellBag, a design-focused vessel that addresses water transport and shortage issues. It certainly made me smile.

CellBag can carry several liters of water on one side, with half of the compartment reserved for easy-access storage of dry goods. While this model has an urban audience in mind, the end goal of the expandable design is for use in areas with limited water. The container tubes can be conveniently linked together to form a full-body water-bearing bandolier, with the idea that these linked, telescoping tubes will be used to transport large amounts of water from distant sources to communities in need.”

Via CoolHunting

Christina Kerns

Christina Kerns’s dreamlike vignettes are created with appropriated imagery and small props. Using a Technicolor palette that makes the scenarios seem more imaginary than real, the images are initially set up as dioramas. Kerns’s jagged edges and deliberately messy composition mimic the rough way in which our memories are muddled together.

The images are culled from ideas and pictures we are bombarded with by mass media. Kerns’s mash-ups reflect the way films, games, magazines, and advertisements influence our thoughts and dreams and mesh together to form a skewed reminiscence of one’s past and of reality.”

It is great to discover people doing these cool imagery. I love her art. Check her website here!
Via Saatchi Online

Gomma – The Photographers Hub

Gomma Online is about Photography.

Gomma Magazine and Gomma Online have been actively promoting photographers since 2004.

NOt for profit/ INdependent/ UNcompromising, Gomma has throughout the years highlighted the masters and given a space to emerging talents. Creating an invaluable space for photography.

The Online platform continue to be a valuable resource for photographers and visual artists.

Its use and registration is free, although some new pay-per-entry structure has been installed so to avoid duplicate and flooding of the same info.

Gomma Online is a portal for photographers, visual artists and designers. It has a comprehensive and searchable directory of links related to photography, visual arts and design. It publishes daily updated photographic news written by Gomma team and also a Public Live Broadcasting feed section, where you can advertise your site, work or event.

Gomma Display is a new section that has replaced the previous Gomma Monitors, here you can upload your site directly to Gomma Database together with a jpg.

Make your photo-news public on Gomma!!!

Acro and Wingsuit flying videos

I am back also re-posting stuff that I like. Hope you will enjoy it as well.

Besides the best flying skills I am flashed with these videos because a know how creativity, a special savoir faire… really fun.

”The container catching season is opened”… by Marvin Ogger
”Ballon fly away”… by Jeb Corliss

The Sartorialtwist

Images from The Sartorialtwist!! …a cool website using the images from The Sartorialist with great love and respect. For those who doesn’t know The Sartorialist, it is a famous ”cool hunters” website, very boring.

The Sartorialtwist nourish my own deconstructive thoughts, love it!

Thank’s Ivan for sharing 🙂

PEN/NEM improvised music for performing and visual arts

PEN/NEM are a group of musicians creating musical textures and sonic landscapes for performing arts (theater, dance, puppetry), and visual arts (film, documentary, video art).

Their creative work is developed under in situ composition, either live shows or recordings. The research and production technics are based on free improvisation and coordinate improvisation delivered from the media or musicogrames.

The wide diversity of genres and instruments used by each member of the team are building a rich map of sounds and musical possibilities.

All music created by the PEN/NEM is registered with Creative Commons licenses, helping the free distribution of their music for non-commercial use.