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Silk hood Floret

Silk hood Floret
Photo by Duna Carbonell.

Charming scarf-hood to be worn in multiple ways. Exclusive print from the limited edition ‘’FLORET’’ design, this multicolour draw is an artistic expression and an icon of BLAUVENT. Printed over high quality satin-silk, touching the contemporary femininity and creating a unique aesthetic statement.

FLORET HOOD scarf is neat, clear lined with ocean blue 100% silk, with a total length of 42cm. Softly drape around the neck, covering the head, keeping you warm and stylish, an honest design that just works!

Draped over the body

Photos by Duna Carbonell.

Sumptuous scarf in 100% silk, high stylish printed, from the limited edition ‘’OLMO’’ design. The colorfull print is an artistic expression, charming and elegant. An eye-catching satin silk foulard of 120cm x120cm that creates a unique aesthetic statement. The border is finished with a 7cm width frame in forest green color.

The scarf includes a buckle to drap and attach the scaf in multiple ways; softly drape around the neck, as an over-skirt, dress or top. Lots of variation options and can enhace lots of different looks, looking for the fusion of modernity and tradition. Striving for a product that will last through the years.

Beautifull and sensible handmade product, it provides imaginative solutions!

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I will open Blauvent online store during next month. These images attached are regading the scarves line i’ve been working on, i made these exclusive designs, over a 100% silk textile. The shape is quite big, around 120cm x 120cm.

At this point i am selfproducing 6 different scarves, a complete line of 16 different textile bags, a model of menswear tshirt in 3 sizes, and few little surprises…

Thank you all to check my blog. Soon it will come more posts regarding Blauvent.