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Mushroom Lamp Designs Inspired by Nature

Japanese firm Great Mushrooming created these wonderful mushroom lamps. Made of glass, LED lights and waste wood, the Mushroom Lamps are artistic and beautiful. These innovative lamps were on display at Design Festa 2010 in Tokyo. The lamp comes with mechanical, non-fungi on/off switch. Sadly the lamps are currently not on sale outside of Japan. Check out the website of Great Mushrooming for more details (In Japanese).

Check all the lamps here.

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Houseware – Apollo Lamp

Something good at houseware design!… by International.

Via Iainclaridge.

”Spun Aluminium, 5-axis Laser cut, Anodised.

Modular system of light shades to be arranged in various configurations on a standard screw cup lamp holder.

Solid shades offer complete and variably directed shade. Perforated shades – in layered combination – enable the light to be gradually filtered, allowing for customisation of the overall aesthetic and manipulation of the emitted light.”