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Elegance comes out of poverty, as creation comes out of void. Is not about reconsidering what it is necessary above all, it is about creating from a lack but not just mixing things together with big terms. It is imagination, the cult of elegance, the dream and the escape from the hub, creating images of prosperity and wealth.

This text it is about those people that are not resigned to live the life they are supposed to.

Images by Héctor Mediavilla and Baudouin Mouanda. About ”Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes” (S.A.P.E.)

The exibition and more info
(”Un sueño de ida y vuelta. La Sape congolesa” Casa África. Calle Alfonso XIII, 5. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

”¿quiénes somos para negar a otros el humano deseo de soñar? Y esto es lo que procuran todos los días los sapeurs, construyéndose una vida de sueños en la que a veces viven despiertos y otras con los ojos cerrados.”