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The Conventional

I do not look at fashion too much, just when by chance I find something that I adore or when by chance I get terrified by an ugly image. I took the freedom to play with the images of Norma Luisa, an italian fashion scam.

The one that works on their texts it is good! not the designer… I guess a product like that needs a great text on behind to exist. Interesting contemporary times, it is good to know where we are. 😉

”She is sophisticated without any efforts, never too sexy, never too classical, never too one-side…she plays with elusive nuances. In every sense, in life and wardrobe she is almost perfect and never predictable. A touch of glamor, a bit of imagination, the ease of gestures and spontaneous sensuality translate themselves into always different signals, depending on the mood. This is due to the fact that her charm derives from the fickleness and the unbearable lightness to adapt the situations.”