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Scarves > Almendro silk scarf 120x120cm

Almendro silk scarf 120x120cm

ShopScarvesAlmendro silk scarf 120x120cm

Sumptuous scarf in 100% silk, high stylish printed, from the limited edition ''Almendro'' design. The colorfull print is an artistic expression, charming and elegant. An eye-catching satin silk foulard of 120cm x120cm that creates a unique aesthetic statement. The border is finished with a 7cm width frame in light orange color. The scarf includes a buckle to drap and attach the scaf in multiple ways; softly drape around the neck, as an over-skirt, dress or top. Lots of variation options and can enhace lots of different looks, looking for the fusion of modernity and tradition. Striving for a product that will last through the years. Beautifull and sensible handmade product, it provides imaginative solutions!

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PRICE125 €

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