About us

Cool things from recylced wings

BLAUVENT is the dream of Carmesine, a paraglider and fashion designer. She creates items, accessories and beautiful things made from recycled paragliders. Hers is a fulfilled dream! BLAUVENT is a unique company in the world.

The name of the brand originates in Catalan: BLAUVENT means 'blue wind”. Born as a small company, it was launched in October 2009. The studio is based near Alicante, in the area of Cape of Santa Pola, by the Mediterranean coast. Here, at the top of a hill, surrounded by a protected landscape is where Carmesine lives and devotes herself to her passions of flying and designing.

All BLAUVENT products are individually handmade and produced in the region of Alicante. It is about Carmesine’s principles! And it is a strong commitment to promote the local. A decision to offering designs with a concept to international markets and to create a unique collection of eco-friendly limited editions. Both the company and the products are environmentally aware and respectful to people.

BLAUVENT distributes its designs online, through its own website, and also they can be found in prestigious multi-brand stores as Sibler (Zürich) and Mehr und Wert (Aarau), both in Switzerland, as well as in the shop at the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao.

They are all unique designs. BLAUVENT is a versatile style adaptable to the city, beach and mountains.

Backpacks and wallets made from recycled wings. Each product is unique, one of the a kind, a piece made from a different part of the wing as each pattern adapts to the nicest section of the paraglide. It is a design that invents a life for an object that before has helped someone to fulfil their dream of flying.

BLAUVENT offers a line of bags and accessories for people willing for very creative products with a well defined concept: aesthetic, ultra-light, eco-conscious, functional, versatile enough to fit into the urban style, sports, leisure and outdoor activities. The experience of freedom associated with paragliding.

By reusing paragliders, BLAUVENT gives the fabric still retaining its qualities a new opportunity for a stylish second life. The wings recycled by BLAUVENT come mainly from prototypes by Ozone, the well known paragliders brand, amongst others. The most beautiful and best preserved parts are the ones chosen by Carmesine to create her BLAUVENT collections.

Each bag is unique since is manufactured from a different piece of the recycled wing.

All products are individually hand made with great care in Spain at Blauvent's small scale production facility.